What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

I’ve been pro-e-cigarettes since 2011 when a friend turned them on to me. Since that epic day, I have been smoking e-cigs, testing various brands, and composing reviews for forums that document experiences I’ve had with different battery types and cartridge flavors.

With the help of a friend, I finally have my own platform to discuss these amazing devices. I’m here to help separate rumors from truths, and really be honest about how e-cigs work.

Everyone asks me “John, what is the best electronic cigarette brand?”

That answer varies from person to person as we all have different tastes, financial limitations, and desires. So, this e-cigarette review blog is my attempt at providing an education.

All opinions are 100% mine, and your taste may vary. I’m always supportive of questions and inquiries from the audience, so please leave comments where applicable and I’m happy to help point you in the right direction.

Electronic Cigarette Reviews & How to Decipher Them

Are you new to the world of electronic cigarettes? Do you intend to use them to help you quit smoking cigarettes but you do not know where to begin? We have put together this FAQ to help answer all the questions a newbie could possibly ask.

We believe a FAQ is an excellent place to begin when you are unsure about a product or anything in general. We intend to help you understand the origins of electronic cigarette, how it works and whether you should adapt to this device or not.

What is an Electric Cigarette?

The electric cigarette is a revolutionary new device aimed at smokers to help them feel the same sensations by eliminating the combustion process of a paper cigarette.

This device aims to give the user the same experience they would otherwise have through a paper cigarette. Instead of smoke, however, these cigs produce vapor. This vapor is harmless and odorless.

Where and how this device came into being?

The history of these smokeless products goes as far back as 1963. Herbert Gilbert came with the design of a battery-powered e-cigarette that eliminated the use and burning of tobacco to produce smoke.

This design, however, was not tailored to produce vapor. The electronic cigarette we see today is a contribution made by Hon Lik, a pharmaceutical engineer from China.

Hon Lik, like many others around him, especially his father, was a heavy smoker. After the death of his father due to lung cancer, Hon Lik was afraid he would end up the same. He did not want to quit smoking, so he designed a device that would use vapor and eliminate the use of tobacco.

What are the different types of E-Cigs?

E-cigs are available today as a disposable, two-part and three-part design. Disposables come with factory charged batteries that are supposed to be thrown away after it finishes. Read our e-cig reviews as we cover this extensively.

The two-piece design consists of a battery and a cartomizer (a combination of cartridge and atomizer). This design is the industry standard today because it is easy to use and effective in every way. See also Electronic cigarette cartridges

The two-piece design (Bull Smoke uses this popular style, as does V2 Cigs) only requires the user to screw the battery with the cartomizer (a.k.a the mouthpiece) and start vaping.

When the individual runs out of the cartridge, he/she must obtain a new cartomizer from their brand. Cartomizers usually come in a 5 pack and one cartomizer lasts equal to a 20 pack of paper cigarettes.

The three-piece design consists of a battery, an atomizer, and a refillable cartridge. The design allows the refilling of the cartridge instead of getting a new one as soon as you run out. The benefit of this design is that it allows you to customize your experience.

You can purchase different refill bottles and atomizers or even batteries to combine and change your experience on the go. The disadvantage is that it requires a lot of ‘DIY’ and maintenance. E-liquid leakage is also possible due to the design.

See also Mini electronic cigarette

How do these devices work?

The mechanism behind the smoke-free cigarette is very simple and straight forward. To understand how it works, you must first know the core parts of the device.

  1. The battery. This is the 2-3 inch long part that “powers” the device.
  2. The cartridge. This is screwed into the end (tip) of the e-cig, and it houses the liquid nicotine (e-liquid, e-juice.)

The battery is the core component. Most batteries are rechargeable. The battery consists of some circuitry and holds the lithium ion or other battery technologies inside it. Most batteries also come with a glowing tip which lights up when a user puffs on the cigarette.

Batteries can be both automatic and manual. A manual battery consists of a switch that a user must press in order for the vapor to be produced; the automatic battery does this automatically when the user puffs.

The cartridge is the part where the flavor and nicotine is. The mixture inside the cartridge is made up of water and propylene glycol. Depending on the style and brand you are using, the cartridge can either be replaced or refilled.

The atomizer is the part where the heating takes place. The atomizer is basically near to the cartridge so whenever it heats up, it turns the liquid inside the cartridge into a vapor.

What are the known Health Risks of e-cigarette Smoking?

This is a very controversial question. The health standards have still not accepted electric cigs as a 100% health safe product. This is because the device has only been available in the market for less than 10 years and there aren’t any long term studies. See also Electronic cigarette safety

Many researchers and scientists refuse to study the health implications of the product because of its immaturity. There are debates everywhere, but when you break down the carcinogen count versus tobacco cigarettes, there is a very strong argument that e-cigs could be much, much safer.

As a general understanding, an electric cigarette does not produce smoke as a result of combustion. So typically saying, it is safer than tobacco burning in all aspects. The main ingredients inside are propylene glycol and water. Both of these are sold inside other products too which are guaranteed safe.

Why is an electronic cigarette preferred over tobacco cigarettes?

Because of its unique mechanism, the vapor produced does not smell or harm others. This is why smokers who have been often criticized for being smelly or harming others, have chosen to use the device.

Additionally, smoking causes many serious health issues that are life-threatening, but some other health issues like the changing of teeth color and hard lips have become a popular reason for many people to quit paper cigarettes and use vapor cigarettes.

Can Vapor Cigarettes be used in smoke-free establishments?

Yes, because they only produce odorless and harmless vapor. This enables the user to use the device anywhere they please. Because no combustion is involved, you do not need to light the e-cigarette before you smoke. So in places where highly flammable products are available, you could still use an electronic cigarette without worry.

Some e-cig brands try to replicate the style of the paper cigarette. It is advised that if you plan to puff on an e-cig in places where the paper cigarette is banned, you should consider getting a branded e-cig that does not replicate the look of the paper cigarette in order to avoid confusion.

There are so many brands – are they all compatible?

No. You may have come across hundreds of different e-cigs but not all of them are identical to each other. As discussed earlier, they are sold in different designs and styles. The core mechanism of the e-cig battery, however, remains the same.

I explain all of the types of e-cigs that are similar, compatible, and different on this blog. However, I also found another site that keys in on finding the best electronic cigarette, and you may want to check out for more information. It’s been around a while and seems to have a nice presentation.

What about Nicotine – do they have Nicotine?

No, and yes. This s YOUR choice. E-cigs are sold without nicotine, but the most popular brands boast most of their sales contain 1.8% nicotine. (Full flavor.)

What are the different nicotine strengths?

Nicotine strengths are usually available in four variants:

  • 0mg, (nicotine free.)
  • 4-8mg, lights. Ideal for casual or social smokers. This strength gives the identical sensation of ‘Ultralights’ paper cigarette.
  • 10-14mg, medium. Satisfies the need for ‘Lights’ paper cigarette.
  • 16-24mg, full. This is the complete and full nicotine option intended for heavy or chain smokers. Satisfies the needs of ‘Full flavor and hard’ paper cigarettes.

How long does a single cartridge last?

The cartridge life depends on how much you smoke. Typically, a cartridge can last up to 60-80 puffs before it goes completely out of the liquid. Using a manual battery can change the number of puffs significantly because you can then control the amount of vapor produced. The more vapor you allow the cigarette to produce, the more liquid will be used.

A single cartridge is aimed to give you several sessions of vaping. For example, a single cartridge is equal to 20 cigarettes. This is general and depends on how much a strong session you go through.

For example, if you are using a manual cigarette and your sessions include long and hard puffs, your cartridge will run out before the intended life. Similarly, if you puff lightly and don’t enjoy strong intake, you will see that your cartridge may even outlast the intended sessions.

It is really important for you to choose the right strength level before you buy your cartridges. If for example, you get an ultralight equivalent cartridge but find yourself smoking more, it is advised that you settle for a stronger cartridge.

What to look for when buying a starter kit?

When selecting the right brand for you, the above information will come in quite handy. But for those who do not want to go through this information, let us just briefly put it up for you:

You should look for:

  • Battery type (manual, auto, small, big)
  • Cartomizer (the flavor and the nicotine strengths offered)
  • Price (some cigarette models are very expensive compared to others)
  • Money back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty
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How much can you expect to pay?

There are several brands available today that I have tried and recommend. But for some people, it all comes down to value. In order to score a great deal, look for brands that offer great starting kits.

If you are an advanced electronic cigarette user, you can also consider getting the parts individually. Every manufacturer sells the parts necessary to operate the cigarette separately. These parts are usually available in the ‘accessories’ section of their sales website.

Right now, the most effective, cost-friendly starter kit is the V2 Cigs Starter Kit. It sells for a starting price of $34.95 to $149.95, marked down from $74. That’s a HUGE deal.

What to avoid when buying a starter kit?

There are several brands who excel in quality, but that does not mean everyone uses the same quality standards. Make sure that the brand you are choosing from is using state of the art technology.

Don’t just go on the presentation of the brand; dig in the reviews and what people are saying about a certain brand before you buy from them.

Is there a specific age you must be in order to use an e-cig?

Yes. You must be 18 years or older in order to purchase and use any electric cigarette device.

V2 Cigs Starter Kits Review

V2 cigs provide an authentic smoking experience to the users. This type of e-cigarette does not contain any harmful ingredients that are detrimental to health. Tobacco cigarettes not only ruin the environment, but also the health of people around you.

Using this electronic cigarette, you can save several hundred dollars a year. V2 produces toxin free cigarettes, which are safe and convenient.

V2 Cigs Starter Kits

Starter Kits

V2 offers a wide range of kits to their customers and the user can select them based on their preference. Buying a starter kit is more cost effective than buying separately.

The express kit is just $24.95, which contains 1 battery, 1 flavor cartridges, and 1 charger. If you buy them separately, it totals up to $29.89. Other kits that are available are:

  • Couples Kit
  • Standard Kit
  • Economy Kit
  • Traveler Kit
  • Ultimate Kit

The ultimate kit contains all the necessary accessories that you may need. It contains three batteries, 25 flavor cartridges, lanyard, portable case, metal carry case, power-cig, wall adaptor, car adaptor, and user manual. V2 cigs review says that the pricing list of them is very affordable and it is also worth paying.


There is no life for e-cig without batteries and there are two types of batteries such as manual and automatic. They are tested to meet the high-quality standards and they are available in different colors and sizes.

You can log on to the website to purchase the item you want and also to know about its features. When you are looking for a battery, select them according to the following features:

  • Battery type
  • Vapor power
  • Length and diameter
  • Charging time
  • Battery rating
  • Voltage
  • Usage (Number of puffs)

They are available in classic white, stainless steel, metallic blue, and sleek black. Apart from this, you can select the color of LED lights, which is at the bottom and it is available in red, blue and white.

The automatic type is suitable for people, who are using it for the first time. You have to just activate the atomization process by puffing it and you can puff 25% more than the regular recharging batteries.

A manual battery consists of a rubber button, which has to be pressed to activate the atomization process. Experienced users prefer this because they offer a greater level of control.

Offers of V2

The customer service of V2 is very responsive and they can be contacted through email, phone, and live support. If possible, you could submit an inquiry form on the internet. The lifetime warranty is given to the cartridges and e-liquid.

This attracts more people to buy it. You can subscribe to their newsletter to know about the latest offers and new products. The user can also visit the website from time to time, to know in detail about it.

You can make use of their savings calculator to compare the prices of other brands and it will also help you to analyze the various pricing strategies of others.

V2 cigs review says that the price of V2 is lower than their competitors. The advantages of e-cigs are more than tobacco. Use this product to lead a happy and healthy life.


We all are highly conscious of our health. We maintain a proper diet and practices regular exercise to keep ourselves fit and healthy. But smoking ruins all our efforts to keep ourselves in sound health.

But with the invention of electronic cigarettes, the habit of smoking can now be called healthy.

About V2 Cigs e-cigarettes
A question may arise that what are these e-cigarettes. The answer is e-cigarettes are electronic cigarettes that have been invented as a substitute for harmful tobacco.

They give the same pleasure and feeling of smoking without affecting the body negatively. These are operated on battery and emits vapor just like normal cigarettes.

Among the various brands that are presently selling e-cigarettes in the market V2 is one of the top brands. V2 has been rated as the best brand of Electronic Cigarettes in America. In spite of the tough competition prevailing in this industry, V2 has managed to retain its position in the market.

With V2 Cigs E Cigarettes smoking can no longer be called an unhealthy habit. V2 has expertise in the technology of atomized liquid nicotine at a lower temperature. Thus it gives the same feeling like that of a regular cigarette without harm.


V2 cigarettes have become popular due to many unique features of it’s which can be summed up below:

  • V2 Cigs E-Cigarettes are a genuine substitute for traditional tobacco for those who are looking for a change in the habit of smoking. It tastes identical to that of a traditional one.
  • V2 offers a wide range of 10 flavors to choose from. Apart from the traditional tobacco flavor, it has a wide variety of innovative flavors that relishes one’s smoking desire and take it to the next level
  • The electronic cigarettes produced by V2 provide the same pleasure of smoking to its users. Compared to other electronic cigarette V2 cigarettes produces thicker vapor to match the feeling of original smoking.
  • These electronic Cigarettes are without any toxic elements. It does not contain harmful elements such as carbon mo-oxide that causes respiratory disorder or tar.
  • These V2 Cigs e-cigarettes are available in two types of batteries viz- automatic and manual. The automatic Ones are easy to use as they get started with just a single press of a button. The manual ones require the button to be pressed every time in order to inhale the vapors.
  • Other than the types the batteries are available in three different colors of black, white and silver to match your style and preference.
  • It is the best online shop that provides free global shipping of the purchased items. It also offers a 30 days money back offer.

The most dominant reason behind the success of these v2 cigs e-cigarettes is the most reasonable price at which it is offering its products. V2 Cigs is providing a package of best deals at the most affordable price to the customers. V2 is even available at a discounted price.

Mini Electronic Cigarette

Everyone who believes that smoking does not kill people is living in a delusional world and has no idea as to what the reality is. One of the most common reasons for heart diseases and lung cancer is directly due to smoking.

The next most common reason for these diseases is second-hand smoking. Smokers not only risk their own lives but also the lives of the people around them.

Having said that, however, smoking is a habit, which is very difficult to quit, and people who attempt to leave smoking either get addicted to any other kind of soothing drug or remain agitated, tensed, aggravated and become unable to function properly. Until and unless their body gets its daily dose of the drug, it refuses to work properly.

Mini Electronic Cigarette

The consequences of smoking are well documented, at the same time, the effects of quitting smoking are also well observed, which are not very favorable for the addict’s health even though he/she has quit smoking.

Thanks to the advancements in science and technology, a technology has been developed with the aim to counter the curse, which is smoking. This little invention is called the Mini Electronic Cigarette, which is an electronic device designed to give its user the taste, feel and sensation of an actual cigarette.

Mini Electronic Cigarette Competitors

The mini electronic cigarette is pretty much like its predecessors in terms of functionality. It is much thinner than the older version, thus it gives an even more realistic look and feels of a real cigarette.

The previous versions were also called smokeless cigarettes particularly because they did not blow out a lot of smoke. Another fault which the users did find in the older version was that the mouthpiece and the cartridges were separate, which lowered its appeal and made it look like a fake cigarette.

When its performance was reviewed, it was found that users wanted to smoke so as to get the feeling of a real cigarette. Well, that is exactly what the mini electronic cigarette has been provided with.

The new feature of the mini electronic cigarette includes a single piece, which holds the mouthpiece and the cartridge together, thus making it look and feel a lot like a real cigarette.

An advantage of the single tube design is that now the mini electronic cigarette is able to handle more liquid thus making it last longer. It has also been equipped with a new and improved atomizer, which ensures that more smoke it drawn out from the mini electronic cigarette.

In short, all the complaints, which users had with the previous versions of the electronic cigarette, have been addressed in the mini electronic cigarette and it should now be able to provide its users with the exact same experience as a real cigarette would.


The recognition and popularity of the mini electronic cigarette have been on the rise ever since people have started to become health conscious and have started to move towards a more nutritious diet and environment.

However, since smoking is not the easiest of things to quit, therefore the mini electronic cigarette is the user’s best bet to having a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Electronic Cigarette Safety

Smoking has always been an issue all over the world due to the health problems it creates. For this reason, individuals all over the world are in search of finding alternates that fulfill the needs of smoking without harming the smoker’s health.

One such alternative that has recently been discovered is the electronic cigarette or the e-cigarette. These cigarettes are battery-operated devices consisting of nicotine packages and look similar to an original cigarette.

Furthermore, these cigarettes also contain a lesser amount of chemicals such as arsenic, tar, carbon monoxide as compared to the original cigarette. Hence, it tends to be less harmful as compared to the original cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette Advice For Safety

Initially, no question related to electronic cigarette safety was raised. However, as time passed, people all over the world started to raise questions on electronic cigarette safety. There is no particular answer to these questions associated with electronic cigarette safety.

Like everything else, this cigarette also has good and bad sides. However, keeping these bad sides in mind, many countries have also regulated the use of these cigarettes. On the other hand, keeping the positive aspects in mind many countries have also supported its use as a means to help people quit smoking.

Electronic Cigarette Safety

The fact that electronic cigarette contains a chemical glycol, which is present in the e-juice, a flavor, enables people to raise the question on electronic cigarette safety.

This toxic chemical is usually used as antifreeze. According to some researches, the e-smoking is injurious to health as it comprises of chemicals that can cause cancer along with some other chemicals injurious to a human’s health.

Another concern amongst electronic cigarette safety is that the use of this product has a high potential of augmenting the use of nicotine amongst the users, especially the young generation.

These cigarettes can also serve as a huge attraction for non-smokers to try smoking. Eventually, they will turn from e-cigarettes towards the original cigarettes. The availability of a variety of different flavors, such as chocolate or mint, in an e-cigarette. Serves as another attraction for non-smokers and smokers as well to engage in the use of this product.

The electronic cigarette safety concerns have been further brought into notice by the fact that the market for these is unregulated. As there is no check and balance by the government, the manufacturers can easily provide sub-standard products to the consumers, hence, leading to more health problems.

Many people who support the use of electronic cigarettes suggest that the use of this product decreases the individual’s need to smoke and eventually puts an end to their smoking habit without a problem.

The answer to all the queries of electronic cigarette safety is completely subjective. It entirely depends on how the user views the use of this product. Nowadays, getting a hold of an e-cigarette is not a difficult task.

It is easily available for everyone in different malls, virtual stores, and physical shops and so on. One reason for this is that the selling and buying of this product are not controlled by the government.

Tips On Buying E Cigarettes

Most U.S. states have banned smoking in public places over the past several years. For this reason, most people have opted for electronic cigarettes.

These are smoking devices that look like cigarettes but do not produce the same smoke or smell like real cigarettes. These devices are also a huge help for those who are trying to quit smoking.


An electronic cigarette is a mechanical device that is smokeless. The device stimulates actual smoking without any chemicals, tobacco or tar that is found in real cigarettes.

There are many brands of electronic cigarettes, the market opened up widely after states banned smoking in public areas such as bars and restaurants. These e-cigarette looks so much like real cigarettes in that it may be difficult for one to tell them apart.

Electronic cigarettes usually come as a part of a kit or starter kit which includes batteries that are rechargeable and cartridges for the cigarette. Some brands also have disposables available to try. The e-cig batteries should be charged every night to ensure that they work correctly come the next day.

In the electronic cigarette, air travels through a cylinder, this in turn triggers and ignites a processor. The processor in the cigarette vaporizes the injected drops of liquid, which cause nicotine vapor to be in hailed by the smoker.

The mist appears like actual smoke but it is only a harmless vapor. Some electronic cigarettes have ends that light up like true cigarettes thus giving the impression of a real cigarette.

Some companies argue that the electronic cigarettes are not intended to be a device to help smokers curb the smoking habit however the device seems to do the trick anyway. Other than giving smokers the same feeling they would get from smoking real cigarettes, it does not have any harmful content and it is not banned in all public places. Another advantage is that it does not have a nasty odor like the real cigarette.


e-cigarette battery

Most of the people who smoke electronic cigarettes claim that they more or less smoke it like the real cigarette. Quite a number have also claimed that they have been able to quit smoking by the aid of these electronic cigarettes.

Some people who smoke regular cigarettes, however, tend to differ with the idea that electronic cigarettes do not satisfy nicotine cravings in them.

The actual truth is that there is no other replacement for cigarettes in that there is no other product that can provide each and every need that a smoker gets from smoking a real cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

An electronic cigarette cartridge, a mouthpiece, and an atomizer are the three components, which make up the marvel that is known as the electronic cigarette. Much has already been discussed about the uses of the electronic cigarette.

A little attention should now be given to the mechanism which works inside the electronic cigarette. This will provide readers with an idea as to why the electronic cigarette is a safe and healthy alternative to a regular cigarette.
Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

The mouthpiece is obviously used to inhale the aroma, which is created from the electronic cigarette cartridges. The atomizer is attached to the electronic cigarette cartridges, which are used to create the smoke, or vapor, that comes out from the e-cigarette.

The actual mechanism, which differentiates the electronic cigarette from the regular cigarette, is concealed inside the electronic cigarette cartridges. Understanding the design and functioning of this component will help the user to understand how the electronic cigarette is better from the conventional cigarette, both health-wise and in terms of manufacturing.

The electronic cigarette is an exact replica of the real thing. By first look, it is nearly impossible to differentiate between the two because the electronic cigarette pretty much gives the exact experience, feel, taste and look of a real cigarette.

However, the inside mechanism is very different. In an actual cigarette, tobacco, along with other ingredients including glue, tar etc. are burnt together and the user then inhales that smoke. This smoke is dangerous because the contents such as tar and glue cause serve harm to the lungs as well as the heart.

The electronic cigarette has propylene glycol, nicotine and a scent of tobacco in it. This is carried via mouthpiece through water vapor. What this does is that it provides the sensation of smoking a real cigarette, without the risk of any diseases.

This entire mechanism is inside the electronic cigarette cartridges, which are available in various colors ranging from black to white as well as shapes such as rounded, whistle shaped and even tapered.

The electronic cigarette cartridges come in a pre-filled version, which generally has a lint fabric soaked with the nicotine liquid. The e-liquid dries out after usages but can be easily refilled at home with e-liquid, which is commonly available in the market.

Pre-filled electronic cigarette cartridges vary in their concentration of nicotine and can range from zero to 18 milligrams. The life of electronic cigarette cartridges depends upon the user, however typically a person used to smoking twenty or more cigarettes in a day would require around 1-2 electronic cigarette cartridges per day.

The concept of the electronic cigarettes is not new and it has been on the hinges for quite some time; however, its popularity has increased due to more and more people wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle. New tweaks in the device have led to increased popularity and demand.

The latest development is the flavored electronic cigarette cartridges, which have given users more options in terms of taste and have pushed the device to new limits and have enabled it to compete with other products in the same category.

How to Choose, Smoke and Enjoy Hand Rolled Cigars

The 1st step is selecting the right cigars to "observe" with. You ought to begin by selecting several completely different single cigars at your native tobacconist. Do not get a box of cigars till you've got sampled a few singles initial, and don't be afraid to raise the owner or manager for a recommendation.

How to Choose, Smoke and Enjoy Hand Rolled Cigars

Select Delicate Cigars

Delicate cigars are recommended for beginners since a lot of flavored cigars can most likely style too sturdy (or plain bad) to a new smoker. Mild cigars are the smallest amount expensive, so you will not have to stress about ruining a rich cigar by lighting it, or by cutting an excessive amount of off the closed end.

Inspect the Cigar

Once you have got determined which cigar to get, then squeeze the cigar to work out if there are any arduous or soft spots. You do not wish to take a chance on buying a cigar with an unhealthy draw, or worse nonetheless, one that's plugged and not smokeable. (Tip: Reputable tobacconists can replace a plugged cigar.) Additionally, examine the wrapper for cracks or discolorations.

Defend and Smoke

If you do not yet own a humidor, do not get more cigars than you can smoke inside many days, and build positive to leave them in their cellophane packaging (if applicable) until you're ready to smoke. Never leave an unprotected cigar exposed to the elements, as it will dry out. You can store cigars during a Tupperware or similar container.

How to cut a Cigar

The closed end (or head) of a cigar is the end that you place into your mouth, but you have got to chop it, 1st. When a cigar is hand rolled, a cap is placed on the top of the cigar to stay it from unraveling and drying out. A cigar should not be cut until you're prepared to smoke. There are 3 styles of cuts, and several varieties of cutters, but the straight cut made with a guillotine cutter is the most common. Hold the cigar with one hand and also the guillotine with the opposite, then insert the top of the cigar into the guillotine and cut into the cap, about 1/16 to one/8 of an in. down. If the top of the cigar is formed like a cone, then cut into the cone, but not quite at the widest half. In any case, do not cut into the body of the cigar. That would cause the wrapper to unravel, and ruin your smoking experience.

When You Don't Have a Cigar Cutter

The most primitive manner of cutting the head of a cigar with completely no tools is to bite it with your teeth. This should be your last resort, and should never be done with an upscale premium cigar because the cigar is much more valuable than a basic cutter. Biting a cigar, or otherwise cutting it, will cause the wrapper to unravel, and could even harm the binder and filler tobacco within. ?Use a pointy knife and a cutting board, or a try of sharp scissors instead. You'll be able to additionally use a pen or pencil to punch a hole within the cap. But, if the cigar prices more than $5, do not cut it till you have a cigar cutter. It will be worth the wait.

How to Light-weight a Cigar

After being cut, the cigar is now ready for lighting. Butane lighters or wooden matches are recommended. It's important not to introduce chemicals or other flavors or substances into the cigar as it is being lit (never use a scented candle). There are many sorts of lighters on the market, but butane torch lighters work the best outdoors, especially on a breezy day.

Puff and Rotate

Light the lighter with one hand, then grip your cigar around the band (or about an inch or two from the head) using your thumb, index finger, middle finger, and ring finger (if necessary), and place in your mouth. Position the end of your cigar higher than the prime of the flame, being careful not to let the cigar touch the flame. Begin puffing on the cigar, then begin to rotate the cigar while continuing to puff. Relying on the dimensions of the cigar, you'll have to stay puffing whereas rotating the open finish above the flame for at least 10 to 20 seconds (longer) till the tobacco around the outer rim begins to glow, and also the smoke starts to draw.

How to Smoke and Relish Your Cigar

Now that your cigar is all fired up, it's time to smoke and enjoy it. Continue to puff and rotate about every 30 to 60 seconds. Don't inhale the smoke, style it in your mouth and blow it out. If you smoke a cigar too quick, it can burn hot and ruin the flavor. If you smoke too slow, it will venture out, and you'll have to keep relighting. Since most hand-rolled cigars are made with long filler, you'll not need to flick the ashes until they are at least 1/2 to at least one in. long, depending on the cigar (and any wind conditions, if you're outdoors). You can smoke a cigar as far down as you would like, relying on the taste.

Drinks to With a Cigar Are Important

Different than the style and draw of the cigar itself, the drink chosen to with a cigar is the second most crucial issue that will affect your enjoyment of the smoking experience. If comparing completely different cigars, always build positive to own an identical drink. Many drinks are compatible with delicate cigars, but as you progress up to medium and full flavored cigars, it's essential to decide on a drink that will not be overpowered by the flavor of the cigar. Coffee drinks, port, scotch, brandy, and most drinks made with Kahlua can go with any cigar.