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Best Cigar Accessories for Every Cigar Smoker

To make your next cigar smoking experience more pleasurable, there are many cigar accessories available, such as humidors and air purifiers. Some are necessities, while others are lovely gifts for yourself or a loved one. Our six best cigar accessories for you or a fellow connoisseur are listed below.


A humidor is a must-have for new cigar smokers. A humidor will preserve your cigars at an ideal temperature of 21°C and approximately 70% humidity, preserving their flavour and intensity.

A humidor is designed to simulate the climate of Cuba, allowing your cigars to age and develop properly.

Choose a large humidor for your cigars and a travel humidor to keep them fresh while on vacation.

Cigar cutters

Most handmade cigars have a cap. To smoke a cigar, you must first cut the "cap" with a cigar cutter. A knife can be used to cut the cap, although this can damage the cigar's end and waste valuable tobacco.

A motorized cigar cutter ensures a precise and equal cut at the end of the cigar. Choose a cutter that matches your cigar's brand and size.

Cigar cases

A fine leather cigar case will keep your cigars safe on the go! A case made of natural materials allows your cigars to "breathe" in optimal humid conditions. You can choose between a case that contains 2-3 cigars and a larger design that carries up to 5 cigars.

Single cigar cases (also known as cigar tubes) are great for storing one cigar in a pocket, bag, or suitcase while traveling. Reinforced ends protect your cigar from being crushed or damaged.


If you want to enjoy a cigar properly, you need a decent cigar lighter.

Choose your lighter based on the size of your cigar.Smokers who prefer larger ring cigars (60 ring and beyond) should use a multi-flame lighter (three jets or more).

Never use a petrol lighter to light a cigar, as the fuel can alter the nuanced taste.


A cigar ashtray can be both attractive and utilitarian. Glass or crystal ashtrays are vintage, while steel or metal ashtrays are modern. An ashtray that folds or travels with you is great for smoking cigars on the go.

Air Purifiers

If your friends and family don't like the distinctive aroma of cigar smoke as much as you do, an air purifier is the perfect solution.

Make sure the air purifier you purchase is powerful enough for your room. To be successful, an air purifier must be able to filter the air five times each hour. This is called ACPH, or air charges per hour.

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