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How to Make Your Own Humidor Solution

cigar Humidor Solution

Cigar collecting appears to be an easy hobby: Place the cigars on a shelf or in the fridge until ready to light. However, cigars are hygroscopic, meaning they either dry out or collect too much moisture depending on the humidity. Even the best cigars can be ruined by either of these effects. Cigar collectors put their treasures in cigar humidors to prevent them from drying out or moistening. While professional humidor solutions are available, many collectors prefer to make their own.

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Pick a small humidor solution container. It suggests a travel soap dish or a film. Ensure proper airflow through the container by cutting or drilling a few holes.

Cut your wet Oasis foam to fit loosely in your container. Blocks of Oasis foam are used to hold flowers upright in floral arrangements. The humidor solution will not work correctly unless there is adequate airflow around the container and across the Oasis foam surface.

In a small bowl, combine propylene glycol and water. Depending on the size of your Oasis foam, you will need enough to wet it.

To dampen the foam, dip it into the propylene glycol/water solution. Don't soak the foam, as this will increase the humidity. Just moisten it enough to touch.

Fill the container with dampened foam. Start your humidor by adding the container.

Things You'll Need:

  • small container
  • Scissors
  • Oasis wet foam
  • Propylene glycol
  • Distilled water
  • Bowl


  • Wet Oasis foam is available in florists' and craft stores; dry Oasis foam will not help maintain your humidor. Propylene glycol is available through pharmacies; you may need to speak directly with a pharmacist.
  • Use grocery store distilled water. Using tap water might create mold growth and contaminate your cigars.
  • Based on your humidor's size, it may take up to a week to correctly adjust the humidity.