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How to Cut a Cigar

How To Cut A Cigar

After purchasing your cigar, it must be cut before lighting and smoking. Choosing how to cut a cigar is almost as difficult as choosing which cigar to smoke. V-cut, punch-cut, little razor cut, poking holes in the cigar head, or classic fingernail. It's entirely up to you how you want to cut a cigar.

I prefer a straight cut. This method removes the cigar cap from the head with a single clean cut. My second choice is a V-Cut (or wedge cut). It cuts a "v" in the cigar's head. The way a cigar is cut affects the smoke.

part of cigar

Many people ask why there are so many ways to cut a cigar. While each cut is personal, there is a purpose. There are two extremes to consider.

On one hand, a straight cut exposes most of the cigar's rear. This permits smoke to be drawn freely from all regions of the cigar. The cigar can now be visualized as a straw, with equal openness on both ends, ignited and pulled. When using a straight cut, be careful not to cut too much.

On the other hand, using a small, sharp poking tool, one can make small holes in the head of the cigar. A similar effect is achieved with toothpicks, icepicks, and the latest cutters. The smoke concentrates as the opening gets smaller. This can enhance the flavor of the smoke.

Types of Cigar Cutters

We've compiled a list of the most popular ways to cut a cigar to assist you in picking which style will complement your cigar smoking experience. Choose the best cigar-cutting method for yourself.

types of cigar cuts

Straight Cut

A straight cut creates the greatest opening at the head of your cigar. The purpose of this cut is to simply clip the cap off. If you take too much off, the cigar may unravel. I like a straight cutter with two blades that meet in the middle, such as a double-bladed straight cutter.


This V-cut cutter creates a deep groove or a V-shaped cut in the cigar's head. This cut is preferred for its ease and large opening, which has powerful smoke output. The V-Cut creates a fold in the cigar's head opening. For a clean, precise cut, find a V-cutter with an inverted blade (a blade that shows the "v" backwards). Inverted cutters are becoming more popular. You may need to apply slight pressure to keep the V-cutter in place for a clean cut.

Punch Cut

Cigar punch is desired because it provides a small opening that concentrates smoke. Choosing a cigar punch with a sharp, clean blade and using it slowly and gently is key. Adding pressure will finally cut a hole in the cigar. 

How to Cut a Cigar Without a Cutter

If you don't want to buy a cigar cutter, you still have options. Many master cigar makers don't use a cutter, so any way is acceptable.


This is a professional choice. With practice and knowledge, you can open the cigar's head with your thumb nail. Many master cigar manufacturers work this way.


In a pinch, scissors can be used to cut a cigar. Cutting the cigar as cleanly and smoothly as possible is the goal. Before snipping, open the scissors' jaws as wide as they will go. They also make scissors specifically for cutting cigars, which is the best choice.

How to Make a Perfect Cut

The cap is a small bit of tobacco that covers the end and holds it all together. Place the blades on the cigar, just inside the cap. Make a quick cut. I was too cautious when cutting my first few cigars, resulting in flayed edges.

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