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Best Cigar Cutter

best Cigar cutters

If you're looking for the best cigar cutter, we've reviewed the top models. They are suitable for thin torpedo cigars up to 80 ring gauge cigars. While they are simple to use, there are some factors to consider before you pull out your credit card.

Best Cigar Cutter Review 2022

Xikar XO [Original Cutter]

xikar xo cigar cutter

Xikar's has some fantastic offerings for high-quality cutters. The stainless steel blades open with the stroke of a button, and when closed, they lock in place, preventing accidental cuts while carrying them in your pocket. The XO is a bit pricey on Amazon, but the quality and guarantee make it well worth it. The Xikar XO is a stunning instrument that is a unique addition to the cigar cutting family.

Shop: Xikar XO at Amazon,

Xikar MTX Multi-Tool 

Xikar MTX Multi-Tool

The Xikar Cigar Scissors are manufactured from HRC57 stainless steel and are guaranteed for life. A screwdriver for regulating lighter flames, a cigar poker, and a bottle opener are included with the Xikar MTX. They're razor-sharp, and while you can use them for straight cuts only, you can also adjust the draw to your liking. When not in use, the blades of the scissors fold neatly into a small package that is easy to carry.

Shop: Xikar MTX Multi-Tool at Amazon,

Colibri SV [V-Cutter]

Colibri SV [V-Cutter]

The Colibri V-cutter is suitable for cutting figurados and cigars with larger gauges. This cutter, with its ergonomic form and spring-loaded release, makes the difficult cut a breeze. It has a two-year warranty and is crafted with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. In reality, we've had ours for several years and the v-cut blade has yet to dull from constant use.

Shop: Colibri SV [V-Cutter] at Amazon,

XIFEI Cigar Cutter

XIFEI Cigar Cutter

In our search for the best cigar cutter, we came across a solid and budget-friendly example from XIFEI. The inverted stainless steel blade is excellent straight out of the box, but numerous dissatisfied customers say that it becomes dull very quickly. What more can you ask for than a no-questions-asked return for 6 months after purchase? This cutter has a V-cut design that makes great steeply angled cuts that are great for most little stogies.

Shop: XIFEI Cigar Cutter at Amazon,

S.T. Dupont Cutter Stand

S.T. Dupont Cutter Stand

S.T. Dupont has created a superb cutter for those who enjoy cigar stands. This cigar cutter can be effortlessly swiveled into an eye-catching cigar stand thanks to an in-built hinge.

This is useful if people are hogging the ashtray or if you enjoy snapping candid shots of your sticks. Nonetheless, it's not difficult to use, and you won't find yourself grabbing your flesh every time you try to use it.

Shop: S.T. Dupont Cutter Stand at Amazon,

Victorinox Cigar 79

Victorinox Cigar 79

Cigar cutting pocket knives, rather than making a clean cut, crush and ruin the cigar. Victorinox has created a separate tool based on its tried-and-true principle. There are two sizes to choose from: the smaller 36 and the larger 79. We like the 79, which includes additional tools and is available on Amazon.

Shop: Victorinox Cigar 79 at Amazon,

Colibri Quasar

Colibri Quasarcigar cutter

The Colibri Quasar cutter slides open with a simple push, and you can then utilize its V or double guillotine blades. This is our top recommendation if you enjoy a cigar in your office or study. However, keep in mind that its reservoir is relatively little, so you may want to choose the Scorpion below. This finely crafted cutter looks fantastic on your desk and, thanks to a handy spring mechanism, closes shut when not in use.

Shop: Colibri Quasar at Amazon,

S.T. Dupont Maxijet Cutter

S.T. Dupont Maxijet Cutter

The Maxijet by S.T. Dupont is a classic cigar cutter. A well-made double-guillotine cutter with exposed stainless steel and lacquered components. We've owned and used a few and have yet to be disappointed. Although there are more fascinating and creative cutters on the market, this is one of our favorites for special occasions. Obviously, they're not cheap. But it's a good investment because they last for years. You may also get the matching lighter to complete the set.

Shop: S.T. Dupont Maxijet Cutter at Amazon,

Scorpion Classic Table Top Cutter

Scorpion Classic Table Top Cutter

The Scorpion table top cutter is great for hosting fellow cigar aficionados at work or home. It's bigger than the Quasar and has a bigger cutting reserve. As a result, it can accommodate more guests. Made of heavy-duty metal, it looks great on a coffee table or desk. It also comes in four sizes to suit every cigar. The two large sizes should cut cigars up to 80 ring gauge. The smaller size is ideal for Robustos and Coronas. To add some diversity, each size has a v-cut option. Rather than sharing a standard cutter, the Scorpion delivers a more extravagant and exclusive experience.

Shop: Scorpion Classic Table Top Cutter at Amazon,

Original Perfect Cigar Cutter

Original Perfect Cigar Cutter

The Perfect Cigar Cutter removes just the right quantity of tobacco. You benefit from a winning combination of durability and performance thanks to the use of tough and superior stainless steel throughout. This cutter is small enough to fit in your pocket, measuring 4 x 3.2 x 0.6 inches and weighing just over 3 ounces. The longevity warranty is completely committed to the quality of their products.

Shop: Original Perfect Cigar Cutter at Amazon,

Prestige Punch Cutter [keychain]

Prestige Punch Cutter keychain

The punch cutter cigar cutter by Prestige Imports Groups is spring-loaded, allowing you to push out the circular blade as needed. At the click of a button, it pops back in, discarding the scrap tobacco in the process. Punch cutters are not only small and easy to transport, but they are also highly flexible.

Shop: Prestige Punch Cutter [Keychain] at Amazon,

Cigar Cutter Buying Guide

cigar cutter type

A V-cutter is a common cigar cutter. These are portable and lightweight. They are useful at home as well as as travel cutters. With these cutters, you can slice a V-shaped wedge into the ends of your cigars. Avoid using this cutter if you routinely smoke tapered cigars. Aside from these, V-cutters are great for all cigars. Most cigar cutters also have a double-blade guillotine. These cutters will cleanly slice the ends of your cigars. The torpedo cutter is great for frequent torpedo cigars. These include multi-tool cutters and scissors-style cigar cutters. They won't replace a specialized model, but they work well for travel or occasional use.

cigar style

Not all cigars are created equal, especially in terms of tip shape. Most commercial cigar cutters can handle most cigars. If you just smoke one style of cigar, focus on a cutter made for parejos (round cigars) or figurados (other cigars). It's all about buying what you need.

The width of a cigar

Cigars are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Cigars are measured in RG (ring gauge). RG is 20 to 80. If you always smoke large Cohibas, make sure your shortlist cutters can handle it.


Aside from ensuring the cigar cutter can handle the ring gauge cigars you smoke, you should also check the overall dimensions. If you enjoy cigars when you are out, check out our list of portable V-cutters. We also offer various desktop choices below.


A smooth, spring-loaded mechanism ensures precise cuts and no unraveling of your stogie's tobacco.

If you do this appropriately, your cigar cutter should last for years. Check out our reviews to see if any of these cutters are perfect for you.


Buying a cigar cutter is like buying a humidor or a cigar cooler; it's worth considering the benefits and drawbacks. You can buy any of the cigar cutters we review today with full knowledge of their benefits and drawbacks. This short buying guide should help you decide.

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