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Best Cigar Humidors

Best Cigar Humidors

With the best cigar humidor, you can keep your cigars between 64F and 75F, which is the recommended RH level for cigar storage. Buying a cigar humidor isn't difficult, but knowing what to look for can help. Cigars, like great wines, improve with age, and we've put together a detailed guide to the best cigar humidors.

Cigar Humidor Buying Guide

Humidifier type

Cigar humidors come in various sizes. A desktop humidor, often known as a case humidor, is small and portable. These are ideal for use at home or on vacation.Instead of a vacuum seal, use metal hinges for reasonable capacity and a small footprint. Cigar coolers work like wine coolers. These allow for a considerably greater cigar collection, but they are bulkier, so be sure you have the space. A cigar storage jar can keep up to ten cigars fresh while traveling.


Desktop humidors are usually made of wood or laminate, while freestanding cigar coolers are usually stainless steel. Cedar wood is used for its moisture-retaining characteristics as well as its ability to repel insects. Drawers should be cedar lined. While pine is a viable option, cedar is the industry standard.


Like a thermometer, a hygrometer measures humidity rather than temperature. We've mentioned some of these units' inaccuracies in our reviews today.


A humidor without an airtight seal and a lid is a waste of time and money.

Explore our curated list of the best humidors out there, paying particular attention to the seal and hygrometer.

Best Cigar Humidors Review

Case Elegance Cherry Finish Spanish Cedar Humidor

Except for the walk-in room at a quality tobacconist, this is what a humidor looks like and what most casual cigar smokers need. Unless you only smoke Double Coronas, this humidor will hold roughly two dozen cigars and keep them fresh with a cedarwood lining, a built-in humidifier, and humidification gel. The lid closes with magnets, and the container is small enough to store but pretty enough to show off.

Shop: Case Elegance Cherry Finish Spanish Cedar Humidor at Amazon

Kendal Glass Top Desktop Cigar Humidor

This 60-cigar humidor (depending on the number of your smokes) is a great option when you want to enhance your storage game. Lots of cedar wood exposure helps infuse the perfume and drain out excess moisture. Divided and internal storage spaces with removable trays help keep things sorted. The hygrometer on the front of the case means you can check humidity levels without opening it, and the glass top lets you select (or display) your collection without opening the lid. Until it's time to smoke.

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Scotte Leather Portable Humidor

While marketed as a travel humidor, this attractive cylinder leather outer humidor would also look great on a desk or shelf. Aside from the humidifier and the lid hygrometer, it's a good everyday humidor if you only need to store 12 cigars. 

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Octodor Black Piano Finish Glass Top Humidor

Consider this superior stogie storage solution system if you're serious about cigars. It contains a recessed humidification system that provides even humidity, a digital hygrometer that eliminates guesswork, and a base drawer for your cutter, lighter, and other cigar equipment. It can also carry up to 100 cigars in multiple compartments.

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Your buying decision for the best cigar humidors will be based on capacity and overall size. To avoid disappointment, consider both of these factors. We describe the advantages and disadvantages of different humidors so you can easily select the best fit. If you come across a humidor we didn't review today, we hope our buying guide is helpful.


How Long Does a Cigar Humidor Last?

With careful care and maintenance, a well-built humidor like the ones shown above can last a lifetime. Another tale involves a travel humidor. Because of their intended use, travel will clearly shorten their lifespan. If you enjoy cigars, a travel humidor is comparable to a smartphone case. It can last for several years, depending on how often you drop it.

How Much Does a Cigar Humidor Cost?

The cost of a humidor depends on its features. A nice cigar-box-sized humidor should be under $100. A large reach-in humidor with lots of features can cost between $200 and $500.

What Do You Need For A Cigar Humidor?

A desk, mantel, or shelf will do for a standard-sized humidor. A humidor with a moisture-controlled cooling system requires 120-volt power.

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